Why Augmented Reality?

Augmented reality is becoming a major part of the digital society nowadays. It’s actually pretty cool because you can see simple things such as looking at a box of LEGOS but when you look at it through the AR view it’s like the box of LEGOS come to life. Basically what Augmented Reality really is, is it brings computer animation objects into real life. I have the Samsung Gear VR and it’s basically the same thing. I have watched videos such as Jurassic World and it feels so real. It’s like you’re actually in another world, but I would call it a game because that’s what it felt like to me. The dinosaurs the trees, the grass, the sky, etc., felt so real and when the dinosaur is up close to your face you get so fearful. Well my mom and I got scared when we first used it but it was an awesome experience. According to http://mashable.com/2012/12/19/augmented-reality-city/#kuNRVOlbzsqd, Augmented Reality can be a great way to travel and explore history. “Using AR in this way would be great at home and in classrooms, where history teachers could take students on a “class trip” to the Great Wall of China and even pose for a picture, making education deeply personal and thus, more memorable.” I totally agree with this because on the Samsung gear VR you can visit museums and look at all the different artwork in the different countries. When I first saw this I was speechless to know how real it felt. To be honest the way the way Augmented Reality was made I don’t actually think we physically need to visit different countries if it’s going to give us that experience. It defeats the purpose of wanting to go to different countries but then again some of us are not fortunate enough to even travel to different places. According to the site above Augmented Reality is really something else from urban exploration, to going shopping, to visiting the museum, ways to new education and decorating your home. I never thought I would ever see technology become so advanced. It’s a beautiful feeling to know how much we have improved in the tech life. Now, I never really watch Netflix without my Samsung Gear VR because I feel like I am in the actual movie theater the way it’s set up. There’s so much upcoming improvement to Augmented Reality and it’s going to be amazing.



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