Impact on Society: Augmented Reality

According to the possibilities of Augmented Reality are literally endless and when combined with technology of mobile devices, which is already quite powerful, AR will allow for geo-tracking that will allow amazing experiences for consumers. Augmented Reality has applications that are already developed for mobile that offers facial recognition software which we know of from the Oculus Rift which is the Samsung Gear VR. A major field that Augmented Reality has impacted is the medical field. Drawing reference from this website it has already been used for practical purposes and technology for the future of medicine. In the year of 2013, using Google Glass a virtual app called VIPAAR a surgery was performed. It’s 2016 and I have never even heard about this, my mind is so confused because I don’t understand how technology has come so far. For this purpose this technology will allow the capability of having surgeries to become simplified and also give the offering of a safe environment and the experience to patients to have the reduction of medical problems from reoccurring or arising after the surgery is performed. Besides Google Glass there are many more applications to be used to asses patients in the health field through Augmented Reality. A few applications are known as: EyeDecide which will teach and educate patients on eye health, there are skin cancer apps that will help doctors’ asses moles with the Augmented Reality vision. This way they can give feedback on the type of cancer or if any. Did you know there are glasses and devices that are used to locate veins, allowing for blood work to be performed at a faster pace? Well there are and also this will help with IV’s to be inserted, which gives the assurance of never missing a vein. I think this topic is teaching me so much about Augmented Reality I didn’t know about because I thought the Samsung Gear VR was actually the best when it comes to Augmented/ Cardboard Reality but my thoughts were a bit shallow. Even though there are so many applications for Augmented Reality without or without the headset device there are a lot more new upcoming devices. According to,review-2804.html here’s a few of them: Microsoft HoloLens, Sony SmartEyeglass, Epson Moverio BT-200, Vuzix M100 Smart Glasses and a lot more. The link explains their different purposes but don’t just think Samsung is the only creator, they do have competition. Augmented Reality will affect every field eventually, right now we are a little limited but we will be limitless pretty soon from my view on how the tech life has improved.


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