Is Augmented Reality Really Challenging Our View On Reality? Or Is It Helping Us?

Since in my point of view I believe virtual reality, Cardboard Reality, and Augmented Reality are all the same because they are meant to make us have a new vision of life in another world, I do believe there are pros and cons. According to I learned that reality seems much better than a virtual fake world. It’s great and all but not for the everyday life. For the pros, Augmented Reality gives the customers a view of products basically hands on where they don’t actually need to go to the store, leaving them in their comfort zone of their home to view the item. Yelp is also big on Augmented Reality. Yelp has an Augmented Reality app which tells the person about the reviews and ratings of the restaurant or food eatery before they even enter the place. I think that’s pretty cool, I definitely need to try it out. Another pro that this site gave was lets’ say for example, you have a cool brochure and it’s real nice with all the fancy shininess and glossy look, wouldn’t it be awesome if it came to life. Well basically in the marketing world, advertisers use the advantage of Augmented Reality for this and I don’t blame them because that’s crazy cool and draws the attention of customers. The website above gave great information on the pros but I found a better one for the cons. From looking at this website there are many cons but I believe the pros outweigh them. Some of the limitations of Augmented Reality are sometimes the technology are not equipped with the understanding of body movements and sometimes internet connectivity can be a problem. Battery life of these Augmented Reality devices are sometimes poor and well battery life is necessary for users to make better use of the device for daily use. Apparently part of this problem with the battery life, could be the hardware used on the Augmented Reality device. These are the minor cons but the major one is privacy. Why? According to the site it’s the image recognition software together with the Augmented Reality which allow users to access information about strangers imported from their online profiles. A stranger can learn so much about you before even meeting you which to me will be scary. Augmented Reality is no joke it can be fun and dangerous at the same time but that’s life in general. I don’t believe it should impact social life, and I don’t think it’s another kind of television. To me it’s just another world where people should use and visit temporary since everything is virtual. Reality wins over a virtual world.


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